Oceanbox Wave Sounds Motion Sensor

Oceanbox Wave Sounds Motion Sensor


Southwold by the sea.  The inspiring power of the ocean will never be more than a few steps away and you'll intuitively feel the vastness of the sea, the fresh breeze and a sense of relaxation and freedom.


Oceanbox is activated by a motion sensor, it conjures up a soothing seaside atmosphere wherever you are, before fading away again after 100 seconds. The sounds of breaking waves and seagulls allow us to feel the vastness of the horizon and the energy of the ocean. 

Whether you keep the Oceanbox in the bathroom, bedroom, or on your desk, Southwold  beach is but a moment away.


The sound of Southwold by the sea.  Order today.


Dimensions: W 10.8 x H 11.5 x D 5 cm

Designed in Germany

Motion sensor covers a range up to 4 ft. It will not work in twilight or darkness.

100 seconds of the sea atmosphere. On / off switch and adjustable volume.

USB micro-b charging cable cable included.