London Jigsaw Puzzle

London Jigsaw Puzzle


In this jigsaw puzzle, by Martin Schwartz, London has been split into a thousand pieces. It only needs to be put back together by you. While collecting this puzzle you will get to know London much better, as your focus on details is the key word to bring the city back together. Hours of fun are awaiting you, and along the way you will most likely discover new buildings in London that might never have caught your attention.

Along with the puzzle you will find a complete list of the buildings as well as a guiding poster that shows the motif.


Martin Schwartz (born in 1974) is a contemporary Danish illustrator and graphic designer located in Copenhagen, Denmark. His series of city prints pay tribute to the variety of buildings that can be found in every city.


Product information: 


  • London: 1000 pieces
  • puzzle size: 50x70 cm
  • Box size: 28x19,5x5 cm
  • Contains one poster + complete list of buildings