Kooduu Synergy 50 Pro

Kooduu Synergy 50 Pro


Looking for some good vibes? You’ve got them, with the Kooduu Synergy – a Bluetooth speaker, lamp and wine cooler all rolled into one. The Bluetooth function lets you stream your favorite music in high quality – wherever and whenever. At dawn, the speaker turns into an atmospheric light for just the right mood. Celebrating? Pop some ice in the multifunctional compartment for a chilled bottle of bubbles and enjoy up to ten hours of non-stop music thanks to the powerful rechargeable battery. 

The Synergy comes with a stylish grain leather handle for easy carrying and expertly finished aluminum hardware. 


Note: the Synergy Pro 50 syncs with as many other Synergy Pros as you want.


Dimensions: 31.7 cm x 56.3 cm

Product weight: 2.65 kg

Play-time: moderate volume up to 11 hours

Charging time: 7 hours
Ice bucket capacity: for 1 bottle of wine or a magnum bottle
Speaker type: 8 Watts, full range



What's in the box: Synergy 50 PRO, USB charging cable, aluminium feet, instruction manual