Bramwell Brown Weather Clock Copper

Bramwell Brown Weather Clock Copper

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The original Bramwell Brown and best-selling clock in copper plated! A fantastic gift or addition to any home. A little theatre of moving clouds in the clock face, forecasting the day’s weather with scenes of sunny spells and stormy downpours from a clever internal barometer.


About Bramwell Brown

Who’s behind Bramwell Brown? London-based (but proud of their Lancashire roots) brother and sister Rob and Sarah, brother and sister. They explain their love and passion for highend clock making:

'We trace our love of curious mechanical objects back to childhood – to Sunday afternoons, when dad would stand in the hall to wind the grandfather clock, then tap on the barometer to see what the weather might be up to that day. Old clock mechanics and curious analogue time-pieces have a peculiar charm. At the heart of Bramwell Brown is a fascination with spinning cogs and whizzing parts.'


Every Bramwell Brown clock is assembled with care and pride by the extremely skilled team at the workshop in Hampshire. The workshop is an appealing mix of space-age, dust-free, anti-static wizardry and good old-fashioned handmade dexterity. The team will work on a batch at a time – then test each clock extensively before sending it out.

The parts arrive from all over the world: the quartz clock mechanism is made in Germany; the frames are painted in Yorkshire. Whichever team member painstakingly assembles these parts together to create each finished clock, personally signs or stamps a certificate that goes into its box.


Copy taken from the Bramwell Brown website.