Bespoke Sofa Service

Bespoke Sofa Service


We are so pleased to be able to offer you a bespoke armchair and sofa ordering service. The Brandon range is available in various elements and sizes.


The range starts from £849 for the basic armchairs.  Please contact us direct to arrange an appointment or to discuss options available in the collection.


A fresh combination of comfort and simplicity supported by a modern touch, Brandon’s simple shape is a starting point – you can choose the basic model to serve as a comfortable and elegant piece of furniture. Or you can go a step further and design your own modular sofa, or opt for the specially designed module that creates a gentle, eyecatching curve.


Elements available to order. We have a wide range. This is a selection of sizes. 


Armchair standard: Back H:  83cm x D:120cm  x W:120cm x  Front H 46cm

Armchair  wide: Back H: 83cm x D:120cm x W:135cm x Front H 46cm


Footstool: H: 46cm x D:95cm x W:80cm

Footstool: H: 46cm x D:105cm x W:90cm

Footstool: H: 46cm x D:120cm x W:90cm


2 seater: Back H: 83cm x D:108cm x W:190cm x Front H 46cm

3 seateror 3 seater divided: Back H: 83cm x D:108cm x W:240cm x Front H 46cm


Delivery note: Delivery is direct from the warehouse and is available to locations in the UK.